Shipping & Return Policies

Shipping, Guarantees, Return, and Warranty Policies

Note: It is your responsibility to understand all the following terms and conditions for these Shipping, Guarantees, Return and Warranty Policies before you commit to order.


Most orders will ship within 24 hours of being cleared. Placement of an order does not necessarily assure that we will accept your order. We may require additional information regarding your order if you have not provided all of the information required by us to complete it. Once a properly completed order is received and authorization of your form of payment is received, we will promptly place your order in line for shipment. Shipping to anywhere in North America should take 4 to 8 business days but delays due to customs may occur. We are not responsible for these delays.


We will ship your order directly to the address you provided when you placed your order. Please make sure your address is correct before submitting your order. If an incorrect address is entered, you may be responsible for covering both return fees and re-shipping fees. Please note: we are unable to change the delivery address of a parcel once it has been dispatched.

Delivery times to other countries will vary by destination. Some countries will charge import taxes, customs duties or sales taxes; check with your customs administrator to determine what charges you might incur. We will not cover import duties or taxes; it is your responsibility to understand the laws of your country.

Shipping prices are subject to change.

Our packages will be sent by Canada Post in Canada and USPS in the US.

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

At YumaLite™ we want you to be happy; if for any reason you’re not completely satisfied with your purchase, just return the product within 30 days of receipt and you will receive a full refund of the purchase price (minus shipping and handling costs).

Return Policy

To return a product for refund, please call our toll-free number for return instructions. We will not receive returns that we have not been notified of previously.

It takes an average of one week from the day the product is received to credit your account. Refunds will appear on your credit card statement within 6 weeks. We are unable to reimburse you for service fees or charges by third parties or shipping or import charges.

The customer is responsible for the cost of return shipping.


Your YumaLite™ comes with a one-year manufacturer’s warranty from date of purchase.

To return an item for repair or replacement call our toll-free number for full instructions.

*Do not return Guarantee or Warranty items C.O.D.; they will not be accepted. All items are to be returned in original packaging along with all accessories and instructions manuals. For your own protection, when returning your purchase, we recommend you purchase insurance and a tracking service.


  1. Andrea says:

    Hi Jan

    This is our shipping and handling policy page,

    Typically the cost of shipping for one unit to continental North America is $12 for standard mail. I hope this helps.


  2. Jan says:

    I cannot find shipping and handling costs anywhere on your site; I absolutely do not want to fill in my personal information prior to having all of the purchasing information that I need. Am I missing a “Shipping and Handling” page that lays this out clearly so that I can proceed with making a purchase if I am happy with the shipping and handling costs?


  3. Andrea says:

    Hi Stewart and thanks for your comments.

    Our customers are important to us, we will work hard to make sure everyone is treated fairly and that we stand by our products. If a customer were to receive a malfunctioning unit (and you are right ALL manufacturing has some failure rate) we encourage the customer to contact us. This way, we can work together to see what the issue is – sometimes it’s even something that can be fixed right away, and if not we’ll work together to see what can be done to get you back up and running quickly with a new YumaLite.

    We haven’t got any plans immediately to start selling through a bricks and mortar facility but we do hope to pursue this shortly. We can always work something out however. We are very committed to customer service and will do what we can to help.

    Thanks and all the best,
    Director of Operations

  4. Stewart says:

    Myself and thousands of possible purchasers would be unwilling to purchase the visor if we had to pay shipping charges to fix something that was a fault of manufacturing. I am specifically talking about a item that showed up DOA or stopped working properly in first 30 days as this is bound to happen to a small percential given all manufacturing has a failure rate. So who pays shipping when this happens? This is why I never order stuff via mail? Any plans to sell through a chain?


  5. Thanks for your question. YumaLite uses LED lights, which don’t “burn out” the way regular incandescent or fluorescent bulbs do. As a result, they are extremely long lasting. The bulbs are built into the device and so can’t be replaced. If for some reason there was a problem with the LED lights within the first year of purchase, our one-year manufacturer’s warranty would cover replacement of the unit.

  6. Do you have to buy replacement bulbs and where do I purchase them?

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