Making Light Therapy Work

In the media and online, there has been plenty of recent chatter about Seasonal Affective Disorder and the Winter Blues. Many of these sources cite light therapy as being a safe, recommended strategy for boosting mood and energy. Few, however, mention light therapy visors and the advantage they offer.

Commonly, light therapy is delivered through the means of a light box. This device requires you to sit in front of the box for typically 30 minutes per day to receive the treatment. As this can be restrictive, many sufferers aren’t consistent with the therapy or abandon it altogether.

A controlled study by the Society of Biological Psychiatry found that although bright light therapy is effective, 69% of SAD patients complain of the inconvenience of finding time to sit in front of the bright light and as many as 19% of SAD patients stop bright light treatment because of the inconvenience .

Light therapy visors, such as YumaLite, offer an easy way to incorporate light therapy into your routine as you can receive treatment while on the go. Since light therapy is the most effective when taken during the first 30 minutes after you wake, a visor is a realistic way to integrate the therapy into your busy morning.

Have you ever stopped your light therapy treatment due to the restriction of having to sit in front of a light box? Please share.

1. Avery et al, 2001 “Dawn simulation and Bright Light in the Treatment of SAD: A Controlled Study”.