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Boost your Mood and Energy with your very own Personal Sunshine

YumaLite™­ – a new generation of light therapy

YumaLite™ is a head-mounted, medical light therapy visor that helps alleviate the symptoms of low energy and low mood due to a lack of sunlight. YumaLite™ utilizes patent pending, clinically proven technology that is safe and effective, as well as convenient and affordable.

A certain amount of sunlight is important every day for us to feel normal and healthy. Without enough bright light in our lives we don’t realize how much it can affect our energy and our mood. We want to sleep longer, eat more. We tend to gain weight. We might even have difficulty concentrating or find our sex drive is lower. Some of us feel severe forms of these symptoms during the winter and suffer from winter blues, known as Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). However there are many reasons we might not receive adequate light all year long; rainy days, working inside at the office, jet lag and shift work can also make us feel these same symptoms. Seniors commonly suffer from not getting the light they need, as do mothers with newborn babies who can be awake at all hours. When natural light isn’t available, YumaLite™ can provide a source of light to help us feel better and give us more energy!

The most convenient light therapy device on the market

Traditionally light therapy has meant sitting in front of and facing stationary lamps for up to 90 minutes each day. That doesn’t fit with most people’s morning routines. Because YumaLite™ is a lightweight ergonomically designed visor that rests comfortably on your head, you can absorb the power of light therapy while doing any number of things from having breakfast and reading the paper, to doing housework or exercising. In as few as seven days, wearing YumaLite™ for just 30 minutes a day, users generally experience an improvement in their mood & energy.

Affordable:  Other devices can cost up to $600. YumaLite Model YL2 sells for only $90.00 USD.

Innovative: YumaLite™ is the first light therapy device to deliver both white and red light.

Portable: Using battery power and no cords, YumaLite™ is portable, easy to travel with and to store.

Download a copy of the Instruction Manual.

Say hello to your very own personal sunshine!
YumaLite™ brings you sunshine anytime.